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50 euro incl. VAT

shoot-time : in between 20 min - 60 min 
outfit changes : up to 3 outfit changes 
images : 20 to 60 images, no retouch 
retouch : the images won't be retouched, if you want/need your images retouched you can add this service for 10 euro per image 

What are digitals :
Digitals (also called polaroids) are simple and natural images taken to showcase your face and the shape of your body.
Digitals are used to send to agencies when applying to an agency and to (potential) client
to show how you look like in your most natural state.
With digitals, less is more: a simple location, natural/soft light, simple form fitting outfit, and barely to no make-up. 

What to wear :
- no logo's / distracting prints
- no distracting jewels 
- black form fitting clothes, good options are : jeans, shorts, leggin, t-shirt, crop-top, tank-top, ...

Hair and make-up : 
make up 
- no make up or very natural make-up ( ex. concealer, brows, lips) 
- bring a hair-tie 
- your hair should be fresh and washed 
- natural ( or protective hairstyles) 
- no wigs 

Prepare for your digitals : 
- clean nails 
- enough sleep 
- take extra good care of your skin the day before and the day of taking your digitals 

I'm located in Antwerp, depending on the weather the place of the shoot will be inside or outside.

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