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PORTFOLIO UPDATE + hair and make up

350 euro excl. VAT
es :
- 2
0 images, color-graded and lightly retouched 
- 20 digitals, not retouched 

extra images : you can buy extra images for 10euro per image

shoot-time : in between 1 hour and 3 hour


hair & make up by Jessica Nzeyimana Van Geersom

- 2 hair looks 

- 2 make-up looks 

Jessica is a professional makeup and hair artist with a lot of experience and incredibly much talent, she has an amazing energy and will make you look your absolute best. 

- Instagram: @jessicavgn 

- website:

disclaimer : 

This package can only be booked by signed, aspiring or freelance models. 

The shoot, set and retouching will be minimal, and focussed on portfolio based purposes.


payment : 

You will receive an invoice after the shoot with a 5 days payment term, images will only be send when the invoice is paid. 

cancelation fee :  
There is a 50% cancellation fee in case you cancel your 'digital update shoot' at any time after booking.​ 

confirm your booking : 
To confirm your booking and lock in your date, send your invoice details (name, last name, adres, email, VAT number if you have one)
once I receive them, your booking has been confirmed. 


Your comfort and experience is my number one priority.

Please always feel free to communicate how you feel; if you are not comfortable with certain poses,

styling, if you are cold or when you need a break or anything at all,

this is a safe space.

By booking a portfolio you confirm and agree with the given price and cancellation fee.

what is a model portfolio shoot : 
A model portfolio shoot is a great way to showcase your versatility and talent as an (aspiring) model to (potential) clients.
It is essential as an (aspiring) model to have your strong book with images that represent your current look and have the industries you are aiming at in mind.

commercial, beauty, fashion,.. (?)
There are many types of modeling and it is important that you know what direction you want to go with your career, for example doing a commercial beauty shoot when you want to work in fashion won’t benefit your portfolio. 
- New models: If you don’t know what direction you want to go yet, we can do a mix of the fields you are interested in. 
If you just signed with an agency I recommend asking them in what direction they see you. 
- Freelance models: If you are a freelance model I recommend analyzing your current clients base, 
If you are happy with your current client base (for example you are mostly booked for beauty) I recommend shooting more in that genre for your portfolio. If you want to attract different clients, I would analyze the shoots they produce and base your portfolio on this.  
- Agency signed models: If you are signed with an agency, I recommend you asking them what your current needs are for your portfolio. 
- Agencies booking for their models: By booking the 'model portfolio' package, please mention what your model needs for her/his/their book. 

moodboard :  
A moodboard is essential to have everyone on the same page and get the desired result. 
It is not a must but I highly recommend you to make a moodboard before the shoot, 
so you have an organized view on the direction you want to go with photography, poses, hair, styling, make-up,..
Your moodboard should be based on the type of modeling you are in/want to break into (commercial, beauty, high fashion,..) 
If you need help with creating a moodboard you can always contact me for some guidance.
You can easily make a moodboard by making a folder on Pinterest or Instagram, you can use Canva or you can simply just send me screenshots of images you like.   

selection and final images :  
You can make the selection yourself or you can let me or  your agency make the final selection.
You can NOT change your final selection after I received your selection, so make sure you double check your selection. 
It is possible to buy extra images. 
Images will be ready in 10 workdays after the selection is made and the invoice is paid and will be sent through WeTransfer.* 
* make sure to save the images properly, they can’t be asked again

outfit portfolio images :
The styling depends on what you need for your portfolio, but overall I recommend to stay  away from baggy clothes, so the shape of your body is properly visible and stay away from big brand logos on your clothes.

outfit digitals :
For polaroids you should wear fitting clothes that show your body shape and heels.

Your clothes should have neutral colours (I suggest black) and no distracting logos or graphics.
Some agencies require bikini polaroids, for this you can bring your swimwear/lingerie. (only if you are not a minor)  

For personal advice on what outfits you should bring, contact me.

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