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model portfolio shoots are a great way to showcase your versatility and talent as an (aspiring) model to (potential) clients.

It is essential as an (aspiring) model to have your book presenting the industries you are aiming at, this could be high fashion, commercial, beauty, or all of them. 

a model portfolio shoot includes:
- advice on what to wear

- fresh digitals 

- optional: introduction video 

- 20 light retouched images for your book 

agency's I have worked with:

IMM Bxl, Ulla Models, RUN Model Management, SPACE models

DOMINIQUE Curve,  Arrived Management, Jill  Management 
The Eye Management, Change Model Management,

Atypique Models, DMA models, Innocence Model Agency

The Agent , Filipa Models


for bookings, rates more info or to get scouted email:

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